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January 28 and 29, 2019

Andaz San Diego

San Diego, CA

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The Business and Technology Forum for Critical and Intelligent Embedded Systems

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Fish Fry by Amelia Dalton, Electronic Engineering Journal, interview with Mark Littlefield, Kontron

SOSA open-systems standards for military embedded computing could double or triple the market, by John Keller, January 29, 2019, Military & Aerospace Electronics

Open-systems electronics standards for military embedded computing gaining money and traction, by John Keller, February 6, 2019, Military & Aerospace Electronics

AI, standards are transforming military boards and modules, by Terry Costlow, February 13, 2019, SAE

How VITA Standards Are Making Avionics COTS Adoption Speedier, by John Koon, February 2019, Avionics International

Challenges Facing Rugged Embedded Technology, by John Koon, April 2019, ECN

Mercury VP Sees EVTOLs Driving Future of Avionics Embedded Convergence, by Woodrow Bellamy III,  Avionics International

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2019 Presentations

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Monday, January 28, 2019




Optical Interconnect Design Challenges in Space

Reflex Photonics Inc.

Re-imagining Product Lifecycles: The Future of Obsolescence

GDCA, Inc.

Preparing for the Next Wave of High Speed Fabrics in Embedded Computing

Samtec, Inc.

AI in Military & Industrial Applications

Aitech Defense Systems, Inc.

The Convergence of Cyber Security and Anti-Tamper


Inside-the-box Optical Links: High-speed Interconnect Solutions


Back to the Future

Concurrent Technologies Plc

Securing the Supply Chain: The New Imperative

Abaco Systems

Trends in Packaging and Infrastructure for DOD Modular Systems

Elma Electronic Inc.

Making AI Fly

Mercury Systems, Inc.

VPX and Defense Open Systems Architectures


Achieving Safety-Critical Determinism with Multicore Processors Green Hills Software
Securing Tactical Systems TODAY Artesyn Embedded Technologies
What's Past is Prologue PICMG

The Emergence of Optics in Levels of Electronic Packaging

TE Connectivity

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

New Solutions for Rugged Optical Communication


High-Speed Serial Backplane Architectures: VPX, CPCI-Serial, xTCA - A Comparison

HEITEC AG/Wakefield-Vette

Switch to 25/100Gbs

Interface Concept

Intelligent Interconnects with Integrated Electronics


Tackling Tomorrow's Enclosure Thermal and Ruggedization Challenges Today

Pixus Technologies Inc.

A Modern Yet Traditional Approach to Embedded Systems

Elma Electronic Inc.

VPX Power - VITA 62: Past, Present, and Future Behlman Electronics
Open Technologies, Open Markets: The Value of Standards Participation Samtec, Inc.
Jump Starting RFSoC Technology for Radar and Mil-Aero Applications Pentek, Inc.

Best Practices for Protecting the Supply Chain


Aviation Safety and Security – Can they Coexist?

Mercury Systems, Inc.

OpenVPX Advancements

Complete tutorial available at VITA.com/Tutorials

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Successful Application of Open Architecture Development