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January 27 and 28, 2020

Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center

Atlanta, GA

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The Business and Technology Forum for Critical and Intelligent Embedded Systems

Follow-up Coverage

Super Standards to the Rescue 2020 Embedded Tech Trends, SOSA, and The Grey Box Concept,
Fish Fry by Amelia Dalton, Electronic Engineering Journal

SOSA flexes its muscles, eyes common ground among open-systems standards for military embedded computing,
John Keller, Military&Aerospace Electronics

SOSA open-systems standard gains momentum for embedded computing; snapshot 3 by April, 1.0 later this year
John Keller, Military&Aerospace Electronics

Making the Case for Managing Avionics Product Obsolescence Sustainably,
Anne Wainscott-Sargent,Avionics International, February 28, 2020

Advantage GDCA as OEMs Realize Benefits of Product Pruning
Arun Sivasankaran, GBP Aerospace & Defence 

AI Cuts the Clutter,
Dr. Thomas Withington, April 7, 2020

2020 Presentations

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Monday, January 27, 2020

Blind Mate Optical Transceivers for the VPX Backplane

Reflex Photonics Inc.

Transformation & Transition: How Complexity is Driving Change in the Business of Supplying the DoD

Elma Electronic Inc.

Let’s Get Edgy: Challenges in AI processing for Defense and Aerospace Applications

Mercury Systems

How Secure are Our Satellites?
Green Hills Software

Inventing Actionable Intelligence
Concurrent Technologies Plc

Behlman Electronics

SOSATM Consortium Update: Progress and Outlook

Pentek, Inc.

Small is Beautiful: Emerging Design Trends/Requirements for Rugged Small Form Factor


Optical Communication - Don't Miss the 25 GBPS


Additive Manufacturing


Supply Chain Security – A Real Life Scenario

SMART Embedded Computing

High-Performance COTS Optical Interconnects for Military / Aerospace Applications
Samtec, Inc.

The (COTS)2 Movement and What Approaches Will Successfully Address It
Annapolis Micro Systems

AI in Defense, Industrial and Space Applications
Aitech Defense Systems

Acceleration options for AI and HPEC


Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Evolving Interconnect Standards – Keeping Pace with the Embedded Computing Industry

TE Connectivity

Severe Environment Testing

Samtec, Inc.

Chassis Management Inspired by MOSA - SOSATM - HOST - VITA

Elma Electronic Inc.

The End of Moore’s Law? High Performance ICs Through Modular Chip Design

Mercury Systems

Product Pruning to Increase Revenue AND Profitability


Module Standards in Comparison - Technical Possibilities and Limitations of Plug-on Boards

SOSATM and its Potential to Drive Change in the Embedded Systems Market

Connecting with VITA 66.5
Interface Concept

Standard Interfaces and the Benefits of Heterogeneous System Architectures


OK, try it now…


The Personal Part of Developing Technical Standards

Pentek, Inc.

SpaceVPX Advancements

Aspen Consulting Group

OpenVPX Advancements

Complete tutorial available at VITA.com/Tutorials

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Successful Application of Open Architecture Development


SOSATM Outreach

The Open Group